3 Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Apps, revolutionizing the payment industry


While paper wallets and hardware based wallets are the simple option to store your virtual money, yet they are not the most reliable while conducting transactions pertaining to exchange of currency. Here is where, the role of online bitcoin wallets come into play. Lets elaborate the top 3 web based wallets that simplify the trading, transferring and exchanging process of bitcoins.


Mobi is one of the secure and versatile bitcoin wallet app developed by BTCChina in the year 2011. With its roots in Shanghai, Mobi is one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges by volume as of October 2014. It is readily available on iOS and Android mobile platform. Now, what are the things that distinguish Mobi from others?
  • Multi-currency support in one app

Mobi provides the facility to transfer, convert and store more than 100+ currency worldwide, including gold, silver, US Dollars, Euro, Pound, Franc and many more. You just need a few minutes to set up your bitcoin wallet; all you need to do is authorize your phone number for registration, that's all. The setup process of the app can be initiated after receiving the first bitcoin. Mobi also provides the support of QR codes to perform any financial transactions.

  • Debit Card Support

When you create a new Mobi account, a free debit card is provided so that you can linked it to your existing mobi account. Just at the mere charge of $9, you can get the card delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. How much does it cost to have a Mobi debit card? Mobi does not charge any fee when you undergo a particular transaction, but the user is charged with a service fee of $2 a month. Visit the official website https://www.mobi.me/ for more information.

2. Copay

BitPay, one of the global bitcoin payment company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, introduced Copay- a Bitcoin wallet. Copay is a cross-platform application, which can be downloaded from Google Playstore, Apple’s iStore and through windows phone. A desktop version of this application is available to be operated on Mac, Linux and Windows computer. Some of the exciting features of Copay are listed herein:

  • Multiple Wallets

The security of Copay compasses of hierarchical-deterministic (HD) seeds technology, to provide three layer security, while performing online transactions. The app provides the functionality to manage several bitcoin wallets, within the app. For example, you can have one wallet for your personal saving and the other one for performing transactions pertaining to your business. Visit the official website https://copay.io/ for more information.

3. Mycelium

Mycelium is one of the most popular multi-wallet Bitcoin app that make use of HD seeds technology to perform transactions. One of the best features of Mycelium is Anonymity.
  • Anonymity

Every time you conduct a transaction, an altogether new address is used to ensure the safety of your funds is maintained. There are many cases, wherein you need to pay anonymously, in such cases, an app named Orbit app aids in routing the data through the Tor network. Through this methodology, no one will get an idea that you're using Bitcoins to perform transactions. Visit the official website https://mycelium.com/ for more information.

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3 Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Apps, revolutionizing the payment industry

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